Second Announcement for the Institute of Astronomy Conference 2010:

DARKNESS VISIBLE: Dark Matter in astrophysics and particle physics

DARKNESS VISIBLE: 2010 summer conference

Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, UK. August 2-6 2010

The Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, summer conference will focus on Dark Matter, bring together recent progress in astrophysical studies, direct and indirect detection experiemnts, and the LHC.

We invite applications for contributed talks and posters to fill an expanded format for the Darkness Visible meeting to be held at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge (UK). This meeting will bring together particle- and astro - physicists (theoretical, experimental and observational) to present recent advances in our understanding of dark matter at scales ranging from particle pysics to cosmology.

The meeting is timed to follow the ICHEP-35 and IDM2010 conferences.

Meeting context: Dark Matter dominates the mass content of the Universe, though its nature and level of complexity remains essentially unknown. Substantial advances limiting the amount and types of dark matter are being made experimentally: in observational astrophysics through quantitative mapping of matter from small to large scales, and through discovery of very dark-matter dominated dwarf galaxy satellites to the Milky Way; in direct and indirect detection experiments; and in particle physics, in particular with the start-up of LHC. Complementary theoretical advances in particle physics may have important implications for observable astrophysics, and vice-versa. This meeting will bring together particle- and astro- physicists, to present the many recent advances, and to provide an overview of what is, and what is not, robust in our knowledge of the natures and properties of the various types of Dark Matter.

If you would like to propose a talk, or require further information, please contact the LOC/SOC here.


To register and pay the conference fees please visit the following link:

Conference fees are as follows (in Pounds Sterling):
275 - registration (includes lunches, conference pack)
60 per night - cost of accommodation at Fitzwilliam College (if you plan to stay there; see Accommodation)
60 - cost of conference dinner at Queens' College

Poster information

For those participants who will contributing with poster presentations, sizes up to A0 are acceptable.

Confirmed Speakers

Rocky Kolb, Simon White, John Ellis, Giacomo Polesello, Michael Kuhlen, Hans-Walter Rix, Marco Cirelli, Nigel Smith, Ben Allanach, Celine Boehm, Dan Hooper, Roberto Trotta, Sebastian Arrenberg, A-S Torrento, Simon Fiorucci, Piero Ullio, H. Araujo, Teresa Marroden, Virginia Trimble, Catherine Heymans, Adrianne Slyz, Silvia Pascoli, Matteo Viel, Lia Athanassoula, Carme Gallart, Matt Walker, Sergey Koposov, Manoj Kaplinghat, Aaron Romanowski, Josh Simon, Marla Geha, Gianfranco Bertone, Tim Sumner, Ofer Lahav, Mark Wilkinson, Alan Barr, Georg Weiglein, Subir Sarkar.

Scientific Organizing Committee

Gerry Gilmore, Ben Allanach, John Ellis, Richard Ellis, Rocky Kolb, Ofer Lahav, Jeremiah Ostriker, John Peacock, Andy Parker, Martin Rees, Subir Sarkar, Joseph Silk, James Stirling, Tim Summer, Alan Watson, Bryan Webber, Simon White

Local Organizing Committee

George Becker, Vasily Belokurov, Scott Chapman, Martin Haehnelt, Mike Irwin, Lindsay King, Ian McCarthy, Jorge Penarrubia, Dan Stark, Matthew Walker

Andy Batey (Computer Officer)
Suzanne Holland (Conference Secretary)
Amanda Smith (Graphics Officer)