E-ELT HIRES workshop

Towards the science case for E-ELT HIRES

workshop to be held at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, on 13-14 September 2012


ESO has recently released an Instrumentation Roadmap for the E-ELT that foresees a high-resolution spectrograph either as  Instrument Nr.4 or Nr.5. The optimal balance of the major science drivers for such an instrument need still to be defined. The aim of the workshop is to (further) define the science cases and science requirements for E-ELT HIRES, by bringing together people interested in the matter. This should be a rather informal meeting with plenty of time for discussion.

Although the instrument design is completely open, possible concepts that are being envisaged include the capability of a full, simultaneous spectral coverage of the optical and near-IR bands, both at high (R~100,000) and intermediate (R~10,000) spectral resolutions. The intermediate resolution mode can have, at very little additional cost and complexity, a multi-object mode with moderate multiplexing (10 targets). Yet, even for such a concept, the required technical specifications are completely open, and have to be defined based on the science drivers.

The workshop will be divided into three main sessions covering the following science: exo-planets, stellar spectroscopy and young stars, extragalactic astrophysics and cosmology. The plan is to allow as many people as possible to contribute with presentations. Each session will be concluded with a general discussion that should summarize the requirements for the associated science cases. The outcome of the workshop will be a "white paper" presenting all of the science cases presented at the workshop and a summary trade-off of the scientific requirements. An initial baseline technical concept may also be outlined.

Martin Haehnelt (IoA)
Roberto Maiolino (Cavendish Lab)