X-ray properties of luminous infrared galaxies in the local Universe

Kazushi Iwasawa, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna

The GOALS project is a multi-wavelength program to study the most luminous infrared-selected galaxies in the local universe, employing space-borne observatories, HST, Spitzer, Chandra and GALEX. Here , X-ray properties of the high-luminosity subset of the flux-limited sample (RBGS) will be presented. The Chandra observations provide imaging of X-ray emission from active nuclei, galactic-scale outflow and discrete star-froming knots to compare with the excellent imaging data in the UV, optical and infrared bands. They also give an unbiased measure of the AGN detection rate, X-ray production efficiency at a given star formation rate in these good analogs of the luminous, infrared-excess galaxies at high redshift.