Recent Results from the Deepest X-ray Surveys: Adventuring Through the Distant X-ray Universe

Niel Brandt, Penn State University

The deepest X-ray surveys, such as the Chandra Deep Fields, continue to provide fascinating insights about active galactic nuclei (AGNs), starburst & normal galaxies, groups & clusters, and large-scale structures in the distant X-ray universe. I will briefly review the status of these surveys and describe some key recent results flowing from them. Topics covered will include (1) new constraints on the cosmic evolution of AGN accretion processes and spectral energy distributions; (2) the selection completeness of AGNs and combined Chandra-Spitzer constraints on the most heavily obscured AGNs in the distant universe; (3) the AGN content of forming galaxies at high redshifts, such as submillimeter sources; and (4) the X-ray evolution of non-active late-type and early-type galaxies over the last half of cosmic time. I will also discuss some key outstanding problems and prospects for short-term and long-term advances.