25 July 2008

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23 July 2008

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22 July 2008

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21 July 2008

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20 July 2008

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15 July 2008

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14 July 2008

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12 July 2008

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30 June 2008

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13 June 2008

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15 April 2008

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17 March 2008

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16 March 2008

Formal registration is now closed. See "Registration" page if you would still like to attend.

13 December 2007

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01 December 2007

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26 July 2007

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13 July 2007

Web site and pre-registration open.

Welcome to Putting Gravity to Work

Putting Gravity to Work: from black holes to galaxy clusters was a high energy astrophysics conference held at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, in celebration of Andy Fabian's 60th birthday. The conference ran between Monday 21st and Friday 25th July, 2008.

Topics covered in the conference included:

This website contains archived videos of each of the talks presented at the conference, and many of the posters displayed. Further photos and posters will appear on this website when ready.

As requested by several people, here is the version of Kubla Khan written by Alex Blustin (with a lot of help from Samuel Taylor Coleridge) and performed by Alex Blustin, Ranjan Vasudevan and Carolin Crawford for Andy Fabian's 60th birthday.