Conference poster archive

These are the PDFs for each poster presented at the conference.

K.A. Arnaud Getting work from gravity: LISA and black hole mergers
F.K. Baganoff An apparent correlation between S_X/S_IR and submm lag in Sgr A* flares
J.R. Bond Exploring the magnetized cosmic web with low frequency radio emission
A.J. Blustin H0557-385: a Seyfert in quietude and reflection
J.N. Bregman A test for the anisotropy of X-ray emission from ultraluminous X-ray sources
L. Brenneman Constraining black hole spin in AGN with Suzaku
M.D. Caballero-Garcia The high energy emission from black holes
S. Chakravorty Thermal stability of warm absorber in AGN
S. Chapman X-ray observations of submm-faint, z~2 radio sources
P. Charles On the nature of ULXs
B. De Marco Variability patterns of the Fe K line complex in radio quiet AGN
R.J.H. Dunn Discs, lines and hysteresis in X-ray binaries
P. Gandhi Rapid optical and X-ray flickering of GX 339-4
M.R. George Connecting AGN with ultra-high energy cosmic rays
B.D. Lehmer The Chandra Deep Protocluster Survey: constraints on the AGN activity in the SSA22 protocluster at z=3.09
S. Markoff Understanding the emission region geometry in weakly accreting black holes
S. O'Neill The development and influence of global oscillation models in simulated viscous black hole accretion disks
I. Parrish A tale of two instabilities: buoyancy instabilities in galaxy clusters
J. Poutanen On the origin of spectral states in accreting black holes
S.I. Raimundo Eddington ratio and accretion efficiency in AGN evolution
D. Rapetti Probing gravity at cosmological scales with future X-ray gas mass fraction studies
R.R. Ross X-ray reflection in a stellar-mass black hole binary system
H.R. Russell Direct X-ray spectral deprojection of galaxy clusters
D. Sijacki Supermassive black holes and cosmic structure formation
I. Strateva The X-ray point-source population of NGC 1365
S. Tsuruta Temporal and spectral studies of Markarian 766
R. Vasudevan SEDs for AGN: new perspectives from the archives
A. von der Linden MACS0025: playing cluster billiards with gravity
K. Yakut Angular momentum loss by gravitational radiation in relativistic binary stars
A. Zoghbi Multi-epoch XMM observations of two reflection-dominated narrow line Seyfert 1s