Scientific programme

The daily conference schedule is now available. Topics covered include:

The conference aims to cover the latest cutting-edge research in these areas. It will include a mixture of invited reviews and shorter talks. There will also be an opportunity to display posters.

Review speakers

Confirmed review speakers include Steve Allen, Xavier Barcons, Mitch Begelman, Roger Blandford, Hans Böhringer, Niel Brandt, Claude Canizares, Annalisa Celotti, Tiziana Di Matteo, Chris Done, Bill Forman, Reinhard Genzel, Guenther Hasinger, Hideyo Kunieda, Kirpal Nandra, Martin Rees, Chris Reynolds, Craig Sarazin, Rashid Sunyaev, Nick White, and Simon White.

Invited speakers

Confirmed invited speakers include David Alexander, David Ballantyne, David Buote, Eugene Churazov, Carolin Crawford, Alastair Edge, Stefano Ettori, Andy Fabian, Rob Fender, Carlos Frenk, Sarah Gallagher, Charles Gammie, Gabriele Ghisellini, Nina Hatch, Sebastian Heinz, Ann Hornschemeier, Kazushi Iwasawa, Julian Krolik, Julia Lee, Maxim Markevitch, Andrea Merloni, Jon Miller, Giovanni Miniutti, Richard Mushotzky, Paul Nulsen, John Peterson, Ken Pounds, Mateusz Ruszkowski, Jeremy Sanders, Luigi Stella, James Stone, Greg Taylor, Peter Thomas, Simon Vaughan and Alexei Vikhlinin.

See Contact us for details of the Scientific Organising Committee.