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Eclipsing young stellar objects


  • long-lasting eclipses by disk material
  • shapes can be irregular
  • timescales days to years
  • high amplitudes possible (several mags), cutoff of 1mag is probably useful
  • very few known, every new detection would help

Trigger is necessary to figure out the origin of the eclipse -- the eclipsing body could be a part of the disk, clumps, protoplanetary structures, etc.


  • >1mag drop off in magnitude
  • red spectrum, any spectral type
  • J-K>1. IR excess, UV excess
  • IRAC3 [5.8mu] - IRAC4 [8.0mu] > 0.4
  • WISE1 [3.5mu] - WISE4 [22mu] > 2.0
  • WISE1 [3.5mu] - WISE2 [4.5mu] > 0.3 (weak criterion)
  • Halpha emission