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Gaia Science Alerts is among the leading transient surveys in the world. It has already discovered more than 3000 transients, among them supernovae, cataclysmic variables, microlensing events and other rare phenomena. Thanks to the whole-sky coverage, superb photometry and astrometry, on-board spectrographs, it is delivering a large and steady stream of interesting alerts. The Gaia Science Alerts team is making a huge effort to maintain and develop the alerting pipeline and the web-pages for alerts. The scientific outcome of Gaia Science Alerts also relies strongly on the intensive follow-up, carried out by our numerous partners from around the globe.

The main goals of the 8th Gaia Science Alerts Workshop are:

  • update on the Gaia and Gaia Alerts status
  • talk about recent highlights from Gaia Alerts
  • organize the follow-up campaigns and scientific goals
  • maintain the existing connections between the follow-up partners
  • meet new follow-up partners

This year we plan to have a hands-on session on Gaia Alerts follow-up organization. We will learn about and practice with the available tools, developed by the Alerts Team. We will learn how to optimise the observations and how to process them in order to maximise the scientific outcome.