Calibration Server

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The main address at the moment is:


  • In order to access the server you need a so called "hashtag" which is an autorization key. In order to get one you need to ask Lukasz Wyrzykowski and report to him also

the lon,lat of your observatory and list of filters you have

Calibration of your photometric data

The main url for calibration of your sextractor catalogs is

You can also do that from the command line using HTTP POST protocol

curl -F matchDist=2 -F EventID='ivo://110610' -F sexCat="@test/;" 
     -F "hashtag=XXXX" -F "MJD=2" -F "matchDist=2"
     -F  EventID='ivo://110610' -F expTime=1 -F noPlot=1
     -F forceFilter=no -F dryRun=1 -F outputFormat=json ""

It is important that you upload the data for the alerts which are in the database (e.g. which are listed here ). If the alert is not in our DB, you can insert it