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(Test no 3)
(Test no 3)
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Participants: Turkey, Serbia
Participants: Turkey, Serbia
[[File:ASASSN-13dd-RTT150-r.png|right|200px ASASSN-13dd captured by RTT150 on 29.Sep 2013]]
[[File:ASASSN-13dd-RTT150-r.png|right|200px|ASASSN-13dd captured by RTT150 on 29.Sep 2013]]
= Partners in test=
= Partners in test=

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Status of the partners preparing for the Gaia Alerts verification

Information about the requirements

In order to become a member of the Gaia Follow-up Network for Transient Objects (Gaia-FUN-TO), especially to take part in the alerts verification, a potential partner must fullfil a number of requirements. The list of requirements is still to be fine-tuned, but they are:

  1. react to an alert (or to a request with a target) and conduct its observations (in multiple filters) within 24h
  2. reduce the photometric data and submit to the CPCS within 24h from the observation (*)
  3. flux calibrations better than 10% (0.1 mag)
  4. perform at least 5 (TBC) tests before December 2013.

(*) Note: the CPCS was created in order to facilitate the homogenous calibration of the photometric reductions. You are welcome to provide your own calibrated data and omit the CPCS step, but we will still need to obtain the data within 24h from the observation.

Test no 1

Initiated 29/10/2012

Targets for the North:

  • CSS121011:163803+372814 [1] - rel.bright SN Ia
  • CSS121015:004244+132827 [2] - Super-luminous SN
  • CSS121026:164652+565105 [3] - SN Ia

Targets for the South:

  • OGLE-2012-SN-06 [4] - possibly a Super-luminous SN

Participants: PIRATE, Belgian, pt5m, Loiano, Asiago, GROND

Test no 2

Initiated 3/07/2013


  • ASASSN-13aw [5]
  • MASTER OT J174816.22+501723.3 [6]
  • ASASSN-13ba (giant M-flare?, 13mag)
  • ASASSN-13ax (bright CV, 13mag)

Participants: Serbia, Bulgaria, Vienna, pt5m, Konkoly

Test no 3

Initiated 27/9/2013


  • ASASSN-13dd supernova about 15 mag

Participants: Turkey, Serbia

ASASSN-13dd captured by RTT150 on 29.Sep 2013

Partners in test



  • Contact person: Gisella Clementini (gisella.clementini oabo.inaf.it)
  • Location: Loiano, Bologna, Italy
  • 1.5m
  • Status: automated data upload


  • Contact person: Gisella Clementini (gisella.clementini oabo.inaf.it)
  • Location: Padova, Italy
  • 1.82m


  • Contact person: Gisella Clementini (gisella.clementini oabo.inaf.it)
  • Location: Serra la Nave, Catania, Sicily
  • robotic 80cm Ritchey-Cretien


  • Contact person: Anna Piersimoni (piersimoni oa-teramo.inaf.it)
  • Location: Teramo, Italy,
  • 72cm Ritchey-Cretien

Belgian Mercatore

  • Contact person: Laurent Eyer (laurent.eyer unige.ch)
  • La Palma (Swiss time)
  • 1.2m


  • Contact person: Laszlo Szabados (szabados konkoly.hu)
  • Location: Piszkesteto Mountain Station of the Konkoly Obs., Hungary
  • 1m RCC, 60/90/180 cm Schmidt, 50 cm Cassegrain


  • Contact person: Ulrich Kolb
  • Location: Mallorca
  • 43cm corr.D-K, remote and robotic controlled

Status: automated data upload


  • Contact person: Stuart Littlefair
  • Location: La Palma
  • 50cm mod.D-K, robotic

Status: automated data upload


  • Contact person: Werner Zeilinger
  • Location: Austria
  • 1.5m RC

Status: manual data upload.

Small FoV: problems with calibrations.

ASV Serbia

  • Contact person: Goran Damljanovic, Oliver Vince
  • Location: Serbia
  • 60cm reflector

Status: automated data upload

Tubitak Turkey

  • Contact person: Irek Khamitov + ?
  • Location: Turkey
  • 150cm (RTT150), 100cm, 60cm

Status: manual data upload within 24h

Bialkow/Wroclaw Poland

  • Contact person: Zbyszek Kolaczkowski
  • Location: Poland
  • 60cm

Status: automated data upload


Swiss Euler

  • Contact person: Laurent Eyer (laurent.eyer unige.ch)
  • La Silla, Chile
  • 1.2m

Danish/Czech Telescope

  • Contact person: Pavel Koubsky and Uffe Jorgensen
  • La Silla
  • 1.54m, remotely controlled by Czechs


  • Contact person: Jochen Greiner, MPIE
  • 2.2m La Silla
  • 7 channels: Optical/NIR: grizJHK