Status of the verification partners

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Preliminary list of telescopes and people involved

Telescope/Observatory Contact person (with email) Details
Swiss Euler Laurent Eyer (laurent.eyer 1.2m, La Silla, Chile
Belgian Mecatore Laurent Eyer 1.2m, La Palma (Swiss Time)
Bologna Gisella Clementini (gisella.clementini 1.5m, Loiano, Italy
Padova Gisella Clementini 1.82m reflector, Asiago, Italy
Catania Gisella Clementini robotic 80cm Ritchey-Cretien (APT2), Serra la Nave, Catania, Sicily
TNT Teramo Anna Piersimoni (piersimoni 72cm Ritchey-Cretien, Central Italy
Konkoly Laszlo Szabados (szabados 1m RCC, 60/90/180 cm Schmidt, 50 cm Cassegrain, Piszkesteto Mountain Station of the Konkoly Obs., Hungary