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FU Orionis (V1647 Ori) is young pre-main sequence stars, illuminating a McNeil's nebula in the vicinity of NGC 2068 star-forming region.

FUOri.png Plot from D.Chochol et al. 2006.


  • Very rare
  • Outbursts repeat with a time scale of 40 years (1978, 2003)
  • Amplitude: 5 mag over 4 months
  • Outbursts last for 2 years
  • Spectrum: red, heavily veiled continuum with strong emission of <math>H_{\alpha}</math>; in blue consistent with an early B spectral type
  • X-ray variability present

More general characteristics of FUors, based on other examples

  • FU Ori and V1057 Cyg rise over 1 yr, whereas V1515 Cyg rise over 20 years
  • FU Ori and V1515 Cyg decline over 20-100 years, V1015 Cyg decays faster (10 yrs)
  • Spectra: F or G supergiants
  • Some of them are embedded in nebulas
  • OO Serpentis is newly discovered another example of FU Ori Kospal et al. 2007.