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Luminous optical transient was detected in May 2008 in NGC300 by an amateur astronomer B.Monard from South Africa.

Discovery paper by Bond et al. (2008).

Spitzer/IRS mid-IR spectrum taken 93 days after the maximum (Prieto et al. 2009)

  • maximum absolute brightness: <math>M_V \simeq -12 to -13</math>
  • detected at brightness <math>V\approx14.5 \textrm{mag}</math>
  • decay to 20 mag in about 100 days
  • intermediate between CN and SN
  • suspected to be a twin with SN 2008S (progenitor: luminous star embedded in circumstellar dust)
  • probably an explosion of masive (6-10 Msun) carbon-rich AGB/super-AGB or post-AGB star


Sakurai's Object

V4334 Sgr and similar FG Sge...

SakuraisObjectCMDLMC.png Figure from Spano et al. 2009.