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== Invitees ==
<center><big><big>'''Registration is now closed.'''</big></big></center>
<big>'''''If you already received an invitation please fill the form [[Workshop2010:registrationform | here]].'''''</big>
Please contact the organizers at ''gsaw2010@ast.cam.ac.uk'' if you have any queries regarding the registration.
== Application for an invitation ==
If you think you could contribute or benefit from attending the workshop, you have to apply for the invitation.  
The space of the meeting is limited to around 50 participants. The organizing committee will consider all applications from possible participants, however can not guarantee it will be able to accommodate all applicants.
'''Please fill the application form [[Workshop2010:applicationform|here]]'''.
We accept the applications until the 30th of April 2010.
= Participants =
List of registered [[Workshop2010:participants | participants]].
Please note, there is '''no registration fee''' and the coffee/tea and lunches are free thanks to generous support of ESF grant [http://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/GREAT/ GREAT].
GREAT provides also some limited support for researchers and students planning to attend the workshop. Funding can be applied for until '''30 April 2010'''. Please specify your needs in the application form above.

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Registration is now closed.

Please contact the organizers at gsaw2010@ast.cam.ac.uk if you have any queries regarding the registration.


List of registered participants.