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Please do not fill the form yet as it is not working yet!

<form name="reg" method="email" email="" target="" reset="clear the form" submit="send">

   hidden: name="testform" value="additional info"
   text: name="name" prompt="Name with title"
   text: name="affiliation" prompt="Affiliation"
   textarea: name="address" prompt=Address" rows="4" cols="50"
   text: name="email" prompt="Email"
   text: name="tel" prompt="Telephone"


   select: name="contribution" prompt="Please select" option="none" option="talk" option="poster" value="none"
   text: name="title" prompt="Title"
   textarea: name="abstract" prompt="Abstract" rows="10" cols="50"

Application for funding:

   select: name="funding" prompt="I would like to apply for funding" option="No" option="Yes" value="No"
   text: name="funding_amount" prompt="Requested support (in euros)"