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'''Similarly to last year we will be recording the presentations to make them available here later on. It will require you to present your talk from our computer. Options available: MS Powerpoint, Keynote, PDF.'''
All talks are available as PDF and soon the video recording will also be available.
'''<big>Please send your talk to Lukasz Wyrzykowski (wyrzykow@ast.cam.ac.uk)</big>'''
Registration will be open from 9am on Wednesday. Coffee will be available.
The workshop's dinner will take place in [http://www.stjohnschophouse.co.uk/ St.John's Chop House] on '''Wednesday''' evening.

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All talks are available as PDF and soon the video recording will also be available.

session title name time (with discussion)
10:00 Welcome STH/LW 10m
10:10 Gaia Gaia overview Floor van Leeuven 20m
10:30 Alerts overview [1] STH/LW 30m
11:00 coffee 30m
11:30 Gaia Archive Preparations Nicholas Walton 15m
11:45 Gaia Spectro Science Alerts Paola di Mateo 20m
12:05 Asteroids with Gaia Paolo Tanga 20m
12:35 lunch 95m
14:00 Special What shall we follow today? Ashish Mahabal 30m
14:30 Skyalert: Rapid Transients for you and your Robot Roy Williams 60m
15:30 tea 30m
16:00 Science Variable stars with Gaia Laurent Eyer 20m
16:20 (Gaia) Supernovae: overview and follow-up Massimo Turrato 30m
16:50 Prediction of Astrometric Microlensing Events for the Gaia Mission Svea Proft 20m
17:10 Microlensing Wyn Evans/Lukasz Wyrzykowski 20m
17:30 (moved to Thu)) The detectability of GRB optical counterparts with Gaia Jure Japelj/Andreja Gomboc 20m
17:50 (moved to Thu) Study of high-z Universe with Gaia, Spectroscopic Alerts & Czech Gaia CU7 support by RTs Rene Hudec 20m
18:10 end of day 1
19:00 DINNER at St.John's Chop House
09:00 Facilities Ground Based Observations for Gaia (GBOG)'s role in Gaia Science Alerts George Seabroke 20m
09:20 Potential follow-up of GAIA alerts from the SONG and MiNDSTEp networks of telescopes. Uffe Jorgensen 20m
09:40 Galactic transients; linking GAIA alerts with multi-wavelength surveys Danny Steeghs 20m
10:00 Java Robotic Telescope for Gaia Alert System Jan Soldan 20m
10:20 "Pi of the Sky" - wide field search for optical transients Marcin Sokolowski 20m
10:40 Gloria - a network of telescopes which can take on some of Gaia alerts Lech Mankiewicz 20m
11:00 coffee 30m
11:30 (not presented) The La Palma 0.5m Robotic Telescope Stuart Littlefair 20m
11:50 (not presented) Transients detected in the WASP survey Peter Wheatley 20m
12:10 The LCOGT network Yannis Tsapras 20m
12:35 lunch 85m
14:00 The Liverpool Telescope and Gaia Iain Steele 20m
14:20 STILT (Small Telescopes Installed at LT) instruments Neil Mawson 20m
14:40 Iranian National Observatory Project Habib Khosroshahi 20m
15:00 Catalina Realtime Transient Survey (CRTS) Ashish Mahabal 30m
15:30 tea 30m
16:00 Lucky Imaging Astrometric follow-up Craig Mackay 20m
16:20 Overview of European and French spectroscopic facilities Michel Dennefeld 20m
16:40 Italian facilities Gisella Clementini 20m
17:00 Overview of other facilities (Swiss, Israeli, Polish, Austrian) LW 20m
17:20 discussion all 40m
18:00 end of day 2
09:00 Facilities SAAO facilities and instruments Patricia Whitelock 20m
09:20 The ESO Public spectroscopic survey of the Transient Universe Stephen Smartt 30m
09:50 Gaia-FUN-SSO: a ground-based follow-up for Solar System Objects Whilliam Thuillot 30m
10:20 Engaging with the public Gerry Gilmore 20m
10:40 Discussion Getting organized all 20m
11:00 coffee 30m
11:30 Discussion Getting organized and Summary all 60m
12:30 lunch 90m
14:00 end of day 3