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Draft agenda is available [[Media:Agenda-draft.pdf here]]. Please send comments/corrections to '''gsaw2012@gmail.com'''
Talks will cover the following-topics:
* On-going large-scale surveys for transients (CRTS, PTF, PanStarrs, Skymapper, Super-WASP, ASAS, LOFAR, OGLE and others)
* Future large-scale surveys for transients (Gaia, LSST)
* Classification methods for transients
* Reports from the follow-up observations of transients, sharing the experience
* Presentations of Gaia Follow-Up Network partners
* Discussing the details of the operation during the verification phase, including Memorandums of Understanding
* Presentation of tools for coordinated follow-up observations of transients
The list above is far from complete and the final agenda will be composed of contributions suggested by workshop's participants.

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Thursday, September 6th

First day of the meeting from 9:30am at the Aula della Specola, Università degli Studi di Bologna

Social dinner at Osteria la Matta - Via Zucchini 9/c

Friday, September 7th

Second day - finish at 5pm.

Draft agenda is available Media:Agenda-draft.pdf here. Please send comments/corrections to gsaw2012@gmail.com