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The agenda of the workshop is now provided below. After the workshop each title will be linking to pdf and video recording of the talk.

Abstract Book is available here.

Meeting will take place at the Aula della Specola, Università degli Studi di Bologna, Via Zamboni 33.

title name time (with discussion)
Thursday, September 6th
09:30 Welcome LW+STH+GC+MT 5m
09:35 Gaia status Timo Prusti 25m
10:00 Gaia science alerts status and introduction to the verification phase Simon Hodgkin 20m
10:20 Gaia Spectro Science Alerts: first implementation plans George Seabroke 20m
10:40 Spectroscopic science alerts : possible triggers in the RVS domain Paola Di Matteo 20m
11:00 Coffee 30m
11:30 Gaia-FUN-SSO: a network for Solar System transient objects William Thuillot 20m
11:50 Open Transient Science and Future Prospects with CRTS Andrew Drake 20m
12:10 The Palomar Transient Factory, description and results Eran Ofek 20m
12:30 Lunch 2h
14:30 Global MASTER-Net Vladimir Lipunov 20m
14:50 4 Pi Sky of radio coverage: Transient discovery and response with next generation radio telescopes Tim Staley 20m
15:10 Multi-messenger and multi-wavelength follow-up of LOFAR discovered transients Peter Jonker 20m
15:30 Locating Transients with the e-EVN Zsolt Paragi 20m
15:50 Coffee 30m
16:20 The TOROS project Mario C. Diaz 20m
16:40 Gravitational Wave research and their connection with EM observations Gianluca M. Guidi 30m
17:10 Discussions on multi-messanger synergies
18:00 end of day 1
19:00 Dinner at Osteria la Matta - Via Zucchini 9/c
Friday, September 7th
09:30 Transient discovery and classification for PTF and variable star classification Joseph Richards 25m
09:55 Using field information to separate SNe and non-SNe Ashish Mahabal 30m
10:25 Classification of alerts within the Gaia pipeline Lukasz Wyrzykowski 15m
10:40 Analysis of outlying observations from Gaia CU8 classification pipeline Minia Manteiga Outeiro 20m
11:00 Coffee 30m
11:30 Responding to the Event Deluge with VOEventNet Roy Williams 25m
11:55 The 1.8m telescope at Cima Ekar and SN classification programme at Asiago Massimo Turatto 20m
12:15 Cambridge Photometric Follow-up Calibration Server- report from tests and verification phase arrangements Lukasz Wyrzykowski/Giuseppe Altavilla 30m
12:45 Lunch 1h 30m
14:15 RTS2: advances in last two years Petr Kubanek 20m
14:35 Observational facilities at INAF OA-Catania Giuseppe Leto 15m
14:50 The Observing Facilities of the Vienna Observatory Werner Zellinger 15m
15:05 The PIRATE facility Ulrich Kolb 15m
15:20 Synergy of GAIA mission with the Devasthal Optical Telescopes for follow-up observations Yogesh Chandra Joshi 15m
15:35 Coffee 30m
16:05 Discussions on verification details 1h
17:00 end of day 2

Agenda is available File:Agenda2012-draft.pdf as a pdf.