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To all the speakers: please send your slides prior to your presentation to Lukasz Wyrzykowski. Accepted formats: PDF, Keynote, PowerPoint, OpenOffice


name title time (with discussion)
Tuesday, 9 September 2014 ("Lindego" lecture hall, third floor, right)
10:00 registration desk open (by the main entrance)
12:00 lunch 1:30
13:30 Welcome 0:15
13:45 Timo Prusti (ESA) Gaia overview and status pdfrec 0:30
14:15 Anthony Brown (Leiden) Gaia data processing pdfpdf 0:30
14:45 Simon Hodgkin (Cambridge) Gaia Science Alerts Operations pdfpdf 0:25
15:10 Łukasz Wyrzykowski (Warsaw) Design of AlertPipe pdf pdf 0:30
15:40 coffee 0:30
16:10 Guy Rixon (Cambridge) Technical challenges and solutions for Gaia Science Alerts pdfpdf 0:30
16:40 George Seabroke (MSSL) Gaia Radial Velocity Spectrometer follow-up of Gaia Science Alerts pdfpdf 0:25
17:05 Nami Mowlawi (Geneva) CU7 variability processing and analysis pdfpdf 0:25
17:30 end of day 1
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 ("Lindego" lecture hall, third floor, right)
09:30 Christine Ducourant (Bordeaux) The millions of tiny galaxies that Gaia is observing pdfpdf 0:25
09:55 Grainne Costigan (Leiden) CU9: Design and Implementation of the Gaia Catalogue pdfpdf 0:20
10:15 Massimo Turatto (Padova) Asiago supernova programme pdfpdf 0:15
10:30 Andrzej Piascik (Liverpool) A Spectrograph for the Rapid Analysis of Transients pdfpdf 0:15
10:45 coffee 0:35
11:20 Nadia Blagorodnova (Cambridge) Gaia: a Supernova Discovery Machine pdfpdf 0:30
11:50 Morgan Fraser (Cambridge) Validating Gaia Alerts with ground based spectroscopy pdfpdf 0:25
11:15 Simon Hodgkin (Cambridge) Spectroscopic follow-up of Gaia Alerts pdfpdf 0:15
12:30 Discussion 0:25
12:55 Workshop photo
13:00 lunch 1:00
14:00 Andrzej Udalski (Warsaw) OGLE-IV overview pdfpdf 0:45
14:45 Adam Miller (Caltech) Current and Future Palomar Time-Domain Surveys pdfpdf 0:25
15:10 Dorota Skowron (Warsaw) The All-Sky Automated Survey for Super Novae pdfpdf 0:20
15:30 coffee 0:30
16:00 Cosimo Inserra (Belfast) Overview of PESSTO pdfpdf 0:30
16:30 Heather Campbell (Cambridge) Type Ia Supernovae - Gaia pdfpdf 0:25
16:55 Seppo Mattila (Turku) Supernovae in nuclear environments pdfpdf 0:25
17:20 end of day 2
18:00 optional exhibition Cosmos calling! price: 10 PLN per person
19:30 workshop dinner Zacheta Art Gallery and Restaurant ( menu) price: 190 PLN per person
Thursday, 11 September 2014 ("Lindego" lecture hall, third floor, right)
09:30 Elme Breedt (Warwick) Accreting compact objects in the transient sky pdfpdf 0:25
09:55 Peter Jonker (SRON) The Gaia Science Alerts potential for discovering intermediate-mass black holes pdf pdf 0:25
10:20 Thomas Wevers (Nijmegen) Probing a new region of phase-space: very short timescale variability with Gaia pdfpdf 0:25
10:45 coffee 0:45
11:30 Jure Japelj (Ljubljana) Hunting for GRB afterglows with Gaia pdfpdf 0:25
11:55 Dan Maoz (Tel Aviv) Fast Radio Bursts pdf


12:20 Wyn Evans (Cambridge) Predicting Microlensing Events pdfpdf 0:25
12:55 lunch 1:05
14:00 Martin Dominik (St.Andrews) Measuring masses - Microlensing with Gaia pdfpdf 0:25
14:25 Kailash Sahu (STSI) Astrometric Microlensing with GAIA pdfpdf 0:25
14:50 Sjoert van Velzen (Nijmegen) Optical TDE and Gaia pdfpdf 0:25
15:15 Krzysztof Hryniewicz (Geneva) Search for TDE candidates with Swift BAT pdfpdf 0:25
15:40 coffee 0:30
16:10 John Davies (Edinburgh) OPTICON pdf OPTICON pdf 0:20
16:30 Anna Hourihane (Cambridge) Gaia outreach in the UK pdfpdf 0:25
16:55 end of day 3
19:00 Gerry Gilmore (Cambridge) Public Talk in the Copernicus Science Centre (ticketed,free for workshop attendees)
Friday 12 September 2014 (lecture room 256, second floor, left) NOTE CHANGE OF ROOM
09:30 Łukasz Wyrzykowski (Warsaw) Time-domain Network within OPTICON pdfpdf 0:20
09:50 Krzysztof Ulaczyk (Warsaw) Ephemeris tools for follow-up planning pdfpdf 0:05
09:55 Liam Hardy (Sheffield) pt5m on La Palma - ready to follow up Gaia transients [1] pdfpdf 0:15
10:10 Jochen Greiner (Garching) GROND capabilities for Gaia transient follow-up pdfpdf 0:15
10:25 Hasan Esenoglu (Tubitak) Photometric Contribution to Gaia Alerts from Robotic and Remote Control TUG Telescopes pdf pdf 0:20
10:45 Milan Stojanovic (Belgrade) Serbian-Bulgarian mini-network telescopes as a part of Gaia-Follow-Up Network pdfpdf 0:15
11:00 coffee 0:30
11:30 Chris Davis (Liverpool) Time domain astronomy with the Liverpool Telescope pdfpdf 0:15
11:45 Werner Zeilinger (Vienna) Gaia Science Alerts: Report on test observations pdfpdf 0:15
12:00 Michel Dennefeld (Paris) Joint observations for Gaia alerts at OHP pdfpdf 0:15
12:15 Lovro Palaversa (Geneva) Geneva Observatory pdfpdf 0:15
12:30 Johanna Jarvis (Open University) PIRATE's on board pdfpdf 0:15
12:45 Michał Pawlak (Warsaw) Warsaw Observatory pdfpdf 0:15
13:00 lunch
end of day 4