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===== List of registered participants: =====
===== List of registered participants: =====
#Weronika Narloch, CAMK, Warsaw, Poland
#Arne Henden, AAVSO, USA
#Yogesh Chandra Joshi, ARIES, India
#Liam Hardy, University of Sheffield, UK
#Krystian Ilkiewicz, OAUW, Poland
#Nadejda Blagorodnova, IoA, Cambridge, UK
#Andrzej Pigulski, IAUWr, Wroclaw, Poland
#Peter Jonker, SRON, Netherlands
#Adam Miller, JPL/Caltech, USA

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The registration is now open!

Please fill the registration form here by 31st July 2014.

List of registered participants:
  1. Weronika Narloch, CAMK, Warsaw, Poland
  2. Arne Henden, AAVSO, USA
  3. Yogesh Chandra Joshi, ARIES, India
  4. Liam Hardy, University of Sheffield, UK
  5. Krystian Ilkiewicz, OAUW, Poland
  6. Nadejda Blagorodnova, IoA, Cambridge, UK
  7. Andrzej Pigulski, IAUWr, Wroclaw, Poland
  8. Peter Jonker, SRON, Netherlands
  9. Adam Miller, JPL/Caltech, USA