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The sixth Gaia Science Alerts workshop will be held in Liverpool on 10-13 November 2015.

The topics this year include:

  • Status of Gaia
  • First year of Gaia Alerts
  • Results from the Verification Phase
  • Gaia alerts follow-up campaigns
  • Science with Gaia transients: Supernovae, Microlensing, Novae, TDEs, CVs, YSOs
  • Current/planned multi-wavelength transient surveys and synergy
  • Training in follow-up tools for Gaia Alerts

Workshop Organising Committee

  • Lukasz Wyrzykowski
  • Iain Steele
  • Simon Hodgkin
  • Zuzanna Kostrzewa-Rutkowska


  • Iain Steele
  • Andrzej Piascik
  • Helen Jermak
  • Rob Barnsley
  • Chris Copperwheat