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Registration is now open!

Registration closes on 1.November 2016. In case of any questions, please email

Due to space limitations of the workshop venue, we have to limit the number of attendees to 50. We hope that everyone will be accepted, but in case of larger interest, we will select the attendees among the registrants to assure a broad and equal representation of topics. Please fill the registration form below and provide your case why do you want to attend the workshop.

Registration form

We will confirm your registration by e-mail by Nov.7.


Thanks to the OPTICON grant, there will be a limited support available for some attendees (travel costs only). Please send your support request in a separate email (after registering) to with justification of your attendance and an estimate on the costs.

List of registered participants

  1. Giuseppe Altavilla
  2. Volkan Bakis
  3. Sergi Blanco-Cuaresma
  4. Giacomo Cannizzaro
  5. James Chibueze
  6. Goran Damljanovic
  7. Jos de Bruijne
  8. Michel Dennefeld
  9. Orhan Erece
  10. Steve Fossey
  11. Gerry Gilmore
  12. Andreja Gomboc
  13. Aleksandra Hamanowicz
  14. Simon Hodgkin
  15. Peter Jonker
  16. Habib Khosroshahi
  17. Zuzanna Kostrzewa-Rutkowska
  18. Giuseppe Leto
  19. Fraser Lewis
  20. Alireza Molaeinezhad
  21. Meredith Morrell
  22. Francesca Onori
  23. Erika Pakstiene
  24. Zsolt Paragi
  25. Arne Rau
  26. Krzysztof Rybicki
  27. Iain Steele
  28. Thomas Wevers
  29. Lukasz Wyrzykowski
  30. Ricardo Zanmar Sanchez