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Workshop Agenda

It will appear here soon!

We plan to start on the morning of Wednesday, 18.Dec and finish the meeting with lunch on Friday, 20.Dec.

On Saturday, 21.Dec, there will be an interesting social event/trip, so if you can, please stay a bit longer!

Social dinner

The Social Dinner will be held on Thursday 19th December at 20:00.
More information and details will follow soon.
Please let us know if you are willing to attend the social dinner and indicate if you have any food intolerances or special requests.

Social event: excursion to Mount Etna

We are are planning to organize an excursion on the Mount Etna for Saturday 21 December.
For more information about Mount Etna, see the Wikipedia webpage.

Etnacrateri3.jpg Trekking-sullEtna-Cratere-Centrale--1080x675.jpg
Image credits: "Guide Vulcanologiche Etna" and "Rifugio Sapienza" websites

Full details about the organization will be given later, but an approximate itinerary of the excursion may be:

  • leave Catania city center in the morning by bus to reach the Sapienza Refuge, which is located in the privileged position of 1.920 meters above sea level, at the highest point of arrival for cars and close to the Etna cable car facilities;
  • a guided tour of the area around Sapienza Refuge (within 200 m asl variation) or, for those who want to try a stronger experience, a trekking further up to 2.900 asl (depending on the Prefecture security prescriptions);
  • lunch in the Sapienza Refuge area;
  • in the early afternoon, a visit to the station "M.G. Fracastoro" of the Catania Astrophysical Observatory, located on the southern slope of Mt. Etna volcano at Serra La Nave (1.735 m asl);
  • return back to Catania about at 5:00 p.m.

Who wants to try a closer experience with craters in the morning can buy a ticket at Sapienza Refuge to go up with an organized tour that includes cab+unimog+guided tour: the fare is around €65.

Fares for excursion to Mount Etna

The price of the trip will depend on the number of interested people. The price will include the transportation by bus from/to Catania and the guide for the tour around the Sapienza Refuge area. All meals, the trip on the higher craters and what is not explicitly indicated are the responsibility of the participants.

What you need to know before joining the excursion

  • Mount Etna is the highest volcano in Europe (3.350 meters) and one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Following continuous eruptive activities, access beyond 2.920 meters asl ("Torre del Filosofo") is forbidden, as per the Ordinance of the Prefecture of Catania.
  • The mountain requires specific clothing and accessories: trekking shoes, anoraks and also walking stick are recommended (they can be rented at the Sapienza Refuge). We suggest you also to get dressed in layers, in order to cope with sudden climatic changes, and to bring with you some food and water.
  • This excursion is not recommended only for those who suffer from blood pressure, heart problems and asthma.

LINKS: Rifugio Sapienza website | Position of Sapienza Refuge on Google Maps | Funivia dell’Etna (Etna cable car) | Mount Etna on Wikipedia

Alternative trip to Syracuse

In case of unfavorable weather conditions on the mountain, which in December could also foresee snow, an alternative could be a one-day trip to Syracuse.
Syracuse, a historic sicilian city covered in layers of white stone, is listed since 2005 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site because its monuments and archeological sites are charming example of different architectural and cultural historical periods, such as Greek, Roman and Baroque.

1600px-Cattedrale, Syracuse, Province of Syracuse, Ortygia, Sicily, Italy - panoramio.jpg
Image credits: "Wikimedia Commons"

The trip itinerary is to be defined, but it may include:

  • Neapolis archaeological park, which is a vast area featuring many important ancient buildings and structures, such as Roman theater, Greek theater, the altar of Hieron II and the Ear of Dionysius;
  • the Syracuse market, where you can shop souvenirs and even buy some spices and herbs;
  • the Ortigia Island and the Duomo Cathedral.

LINKS: Syracuse on Wikipedia | Position of Syracuse on Google Maps

Fares for excursion to Syracuse

Transportation by bus from/to Catania is offered by the Meeting WOC.
All meals, tickets in the archeological sites and what is not explicitly indicated are the responsibility of the participants.