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(Preliminary list of participants (to be updated ))
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# Staszek Zola
# Staszek Zola
# Pawel Zielinski
# Pawel Zielinski
# Yana Markus
# John Davies

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Registration is now open!


The registration will close Non 15th.

In case of any enquires please email Lukasz Wyrzykowski lw at astrouw.edu.pl

Note: there is no registration fee thanks to the generous support of the OPTICON grant.

Preliminary list of registered participants (to be updated)

  1. Przemysław Mikołajczyk
  2. Mariusz Gromadzki
  3. Fraser Lewis
  4. Vytautas Cepas
  5. Franz-Josef (Josch) Hambsch
  6. Cosimo Inserra
  7. Iair Arcavi
  8. Goran Damljanovic
  9. Tolga Güver
  10. Gerry Gilmore
  11. Susanne M Hoffmann
  12. Vira Godunova
  13. Krzysztof Hełminiak
  14. Staszek Zola
  15. Pawel Zielinski
  16. Yana Markus
  17. John Davies